Our Service

Lowe Properties Ltd. provides full property management services on a contract basis to individual and corporate owners looking to maximize their investment objective while not having to be involved in the day to day details of property ownership.

Financial Control

Realizing net effective income to be an integral objective of any owner, we strive to ensure prompt receipt of rental income, common area billing and fees associated with your property, while keeping expenses to a minimum, without compromising the overall preservation of the property or service to your customers (the tenant).

We further provide complete property accounting services and provide the owner with easy to understand monthly financial reports. Analysis and recommendations on mortgage, insurance and realty tax issues are also offered.

Property Maintenance and Inspection

We believe preventative maintenance programs are essential to ensure proper life expectancy of vital building systems and to preserve, protect and maximize your investment objectives. We take a pro-active approach to maintenance to avoid costly repairs later. Regular property inspections ensure problems are corrected before they exist, emergency response and monthly reports detailing potential deficiencies and corrective procedures are standard.

Tenant Retention and Leasing

We truly believe your tenants are your customers and that we should offer, on the owners behalf, service befitting a customer. Tenant retention is crucial to any long term objectives of property ownership, open and regular communication with the customer insures issues are resolved, renewals are high and vacancy rates are low.

Inevitably releasing will be required and we have many resources at our disposal including this web site, local and web based advertising and in the case of commercial properties we have long standing relationships with realtors enabling greater exposuer through the MLS system.